Dream journal, entry 12/29

Had a lot of bizarre dreams last night, including a bunch with ideas that (within the dream) I wanted to remember. So I spent some time, this morning, awake and immobile in bed trying to recall them.

1. I am asked to aid the science fiction author Harry Turtledove with some physical task. It is raining, and I wait with growing anxiety. Turtledove arrives, with an entourage, somewhat late in the day. He is a jerk, but in a kind of genial, unaware manner. Apparently his first marriage ended in divorce and his ex-wife hates him, although his second marriage is going well. We get the task done (something with boxes, moving?) and he leaves. (In reality, Turtledove is married to fellow author Laura Frankos and not divorced.)

2. I am watching a compilation of the year’s best animated shorts. These include one about a bear and another animal in a competition, one where all the characters are dogs and the dialogue is genuine recorded dog barks, and one with a bunch of giant gold rotary telephones, among others.

3. A DVD of the shorts is on a shelf, which becomes a shelf of books. I peruse one called “America’s Best Writing 2010”, looking for my name, and am disappointed when it’s not there. Oh well, I think, at least I can try for next year. Then I find another anthology, “America’s Best Writing 2011”, which doesn’t list me either. My reading is briefly impeded when a giant pencil rolls off the shelf and falls on the book.

That’s all I could remember, and none of it makes sense. Although that dog cartoon might be interesting.


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Words that are not listed in my rhyming dictionary:


Words that are:


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To start somewhere with this, here are some things I like:

  • Motown/doo-wop music
  • Salt and vinegar potato chips
  • Really strange Twilight Zone-esque science fiction, the kind that deals with weird ideas
  • Dirty jokes
  • Math, logic, word and other kinds of puzzles

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This is a blog of media criticism, popular culture, the unconscious mind of the masses, philosophy, politics, religion, griping, and anything else I spend time thinking about. But mostly the media.

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